Paid Version

The paid version gives you all the features. This is a branded highly configurable Budget Control Procurement Platform with a tremendous amount of features. Unlimited number of users and suppliers included.

Association Version

Excellent opportunity for associations to earn non-dues revenue and aggregate spend from all the members to maximize the association buying power.

Members get the option of either the Free version or the paid version of the Budget Control Procurement Platform.

Free Version

We offer a free version with limited features. It is a fully functional Budget Control Procurement Platform. An unlimited number of users and suppliers included.

This is an excellent opportunity to make sure a Budget Control Procurement Platform would be valuable for you!!!

We believe we can help you control spend

Budget Control Procurement Platform

We do the majority of the setup and maintenance.  You don’t have do much other than give us direction on what you want to use and how you want it setup.

If you need the basics like Requisition Approval, Budget Control, Request For Quote, etc…

35,000 +







technical support


Your B2B Platform has drastically improved our procurement and accounts payable departments.

Chris B.

We truly appreciate the efficiency gains and savings from using your solution!!!

Brad H.

Thank you so much for all the work you are doing on our issue list.  You are all awesome and we really appreciate you!   Thanks again!

Kelly T.