Helps clients proactively control spend using our approval platform
Driving Down Costs While Increasing Efficiency
A 5% reduction in operating cost could be financially equivalent to a 20% increase in revenue
Highly Configurable Procure-to-Pay platform

We'll set up your account and support your team

We are serious about helping you control spend. Our platform is very easy to use. We provide excellent functionality that helps eliminate the manual paper processes. Being proactive, reducing workload and more efficient helps increase profits.

Increase Profits
Reduce workload
Reduce Workload

We do most of the heavy lifting for you

Supplier On-Boarding

Our team works with you and your suppliers to make the on-boarding process as fast and smooth as possible.


We work with your team to implement and support your needs.


We work with you to make MaviNovo as easy and efficient to use as possible.


How it works

1. Evaluate needs

We work with your team to determine what you need. We listen to your team and suggest solutions.

Increase Profits
2. Create a plan

After evaluating your needs and getting feedback on our suggestions we create a plan with your team.

3. Execute plan & support

The plan is executed and adjusted as needed. The best practices are used to optimize efficient cost savings.

How we can help you

Increase your profits

Proactively control spend to maximize cash flow and profits. Reduce existing procurement and accounting expenses.

Lower costs related to spend

Our RFQ platform can help you reduce the cost of services, products and goods. Our procurement platform can help you reduce maverick spend, reduce procurement labor and accounts payable labor.

On-going support and maintenance

We do most of the heavy lifting for you. We support your team and your suppliers.

Cost Effective Platform

MaviNovo Cloud Platform


Extremely Robust
Proactively Control Spend
Consolidate Spend
Use Approved Suppliers
Use Approved Products
Control Margin Creep
Track Supplier Performance
Track Req/Order/Invoice Status
Digital Workflow Approvals
Use Tax Exempt Status
Reduce AP Workload
Reduce Purchasing Workload
Improve Budget Control
Save Time and Money
and much more...
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Highly Configurable
Reduce Costs
Reduce RFQ Create Time
Reduce Evaluation Time
Retain Quote History
Pre-Approve RFQ
Cleansed Quote Data
Track RFQ Details
Custom Forms and Formulas
Monitor Margin Creep
Collaborate with Suppliers
Track Suppliers Performance
Easy Supplier Invites
Save Time and Money
and much more...
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per month
Websites with up to 4 pages
Fully responsive
Includes SEO
Cloud hosting and secure updates
Google Analytics Integration
Free Email Account
1 FREE design update monthly
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per month
Websites with up to 10 pages
Optional blog functionality
Fully responsive
Includes SEO
Cloud hosting and secure updates
Google Analytics Integration
Twitter & Facebook Setup
Free Email Account
Search Engine Backlink Builder
1 FREE design update monthly
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to activate my account?

We'll begin your account within 2 working days, and we'll aim to finish up in a week. We will have online meetings with you to determine specific account settings that you require and plan your implementation.

How do I get my suppliers on-board?

You introduce us to your suppliers and take over. We work with your suppliers to determine the best option for on-boarding them. We fully support your suppliers for you with any platform related issues.

How many users can we have?

You can have an unlimited number of users.

How does MaviNovo work with my ERP system?

We accommodate the best method available for your specific ERP system. It could be XML, X12, JSON, csv, etc... We do what is easiest for you.

How do you support us?

We provide an internal issue list. The issue list is used to track any support request. It is very simple to use. We try to do all the heavy lifting for you.

How do suppliers respond to RFQs?

We make it very easy for suppliers to provide you with quote data for the items they can provide. The supplier responses are extremely easy for you to evaluate.

How are workflow approvals set up?

We get your desired business rules and set them up in your account for you.

How do you consolidate spend?

For a single entity the requisitions and purchase orders created in MaviNovo will be from your approved suppliers, that helps consolidate your spend. Also, if you're part of an association or group we can consolidate spend from the association or group. This consolidate can be used to help direct more spend to specific suppliers.

How much functionality do you provide?

Get a short demo and you'll be surprised how much capability is easily available.